Paid peer support in the NHS

I came across two interesting blogs (here and here) which themselves look at a big meta-analysis in 2014 on how peer support works in practice, and a 244pp NHS NIHR paper also in 2014 addressing a number of peer support projects across the country;  the summary conclusions are attached.  Overall, maybe warm (or even luke-warm) to the idea, with more research and evaluation work needed.  A lot of observations of the potential problems and difficulties.

Also similar more recent review in the US (Jan 2017), although the full article is behind a pay-wall.  The abstract includes :  Mixed and limited intervention effects were reported for most health outcomes. The most promising interventions were self-management and peer-navigator interventions. 

Finally, I found a web page (including a video) on how Cambridgeshire and Peterborough were implementing things over the last 5-7 years.  Also a 2-pager from RAND (attached);  maybe they are quite a bit further advanced than TEWV.